• tomharari

    Great video guys! Throwdown Thursdays is def. better than Whiteboard Wednesdays ;)

    I think Brett made an excellent case for having linkable assets live on the client’s main domain, and depending on the client and how flexible they can/want to be, having an unbranded microsite may not always be feasible. That being said, if the client is able and willing I personally feel the pros of an unbranded microsite outweigh the cons. Speed, the ability to have competitors in your space linking to you, and the ability to control (to an extent) the anchor text used, outweighs the fact that some of the link juice will be lost when doing a 301 redirect or canonical.

    Brett’s point about having the amazing piece of content live on the client’s domain as a way to tie their name and brand to the content is a valid one, but can easily be done later on the down the road, in essence duplicating the content on the microsite, and having the microsite redirect to the exact same content on the client’s main site.

    All in all a great video and looking forward to seeing more. But standing by the wall looked a little awkward, you should definitely do more of a ESPN “Pardon The Interruption” style face off:

  • Adrian Drysdale

    Throwdown Thursday! Awesome idea, I voted for both. Great points from both guys.

  • Sebastia

    Great food for thought!

    I would have to lean a little toward the domain over the microsite, due to the branding and authority reasons Brett highlighted. Sure, you may be able to get more links on a microsite, but I believe the brand authority opportunities that come with publishing such content on your site far outweighs the link opportunities.

    Looking forward to the next vid!

  • alan wayler

    over 10 years ago, we decided to run our blog external to our main website. contrary to conventional wisdom then, we thought we’d have more control/opps for generating external anchor text links, plus working in a bona fide blog environment. The blog generated alot of strong inbound links from other sites and I think, helped improving our main domain site numbers. In time, we capitulated, and we finally moved the blog onto the main domain.

    Sounds like with the new panda algo… bounce rates (in particular), time on page, and other GA measures may have a mnore profound influence on google rankings. Given that blogs are notorious for high bounce rates, time on site, depth of visit, it adversely affects our site averages when viewed against the site page by page stats) , is it time to re-consider pulling our blog off the main domain to reassert the ‘true’ GA measures?


  • Brett

    @tom glad you liked it, even if the wall was a little boring for you :-)

    you made an interesting point about trying to copy the content onto the main domain eventually, my only concern there would be to make sure that it doesn’t appear like duplication/plagiarism or anything like that. If Google still has a cached version of the old content and finds the same exact content on your domain before the redirects are acknowledged, might be a little dicey but the concept is definitely interesting!

    @adrian thanks for the feedback and for the vote!

    @sebastia appreciate the comment! the nice thing is that branding and links are not mutually exclusive, which really makes this (as Wil mentioned in the vid) all about the goals of the campaign, whether thats branding, links, anchor text, or whatever it might be.

    Thanks again to all that commented, and if you have suggestions for future vids please let us know!

  • Catie

    Throw Down Thursdays? Love it!

    As for who won…seeing as you’re building a microsite for us, I appreciated Will’s points on the weight of the Link Juice. Does a body good! For us, the branding (as Brett pointed out) wasn’t as huge, actually we wanted the site to stand alone, without our branding. The longevity of our own Domain does raise some valid points- we rank really well, historically speaking, thanks to you guys!

    All-in-all, very informative and a great showing of both sides.

    You guys are fabulous!

  • Brett

    @alan really appreciate you sharing your experiences, especially since you’ve actually been on both sides of this discussion! As far as the panda algo, I actually disagree that the bounce rate hurts you in this respect; I think having fresh, unique content on your main site actually improves the perception in light of Panda. This content serves as a value-add to the site from a content perspective, and bounces are not uncommon on a blog post b/c the goal is to get people to read the post, not necessarily to always take an action.

    I’d say the decision of whether to keep the blog onsite comes down to, as we mentioned, goals. Building links to the domain, branding, and authority are all supported by the domain option…flexibility, speed, and anonymity all support the microsite.

    @catie sounds like I was already fighting an uphill battle against the microsite strategy :-) glad you enjoyed it and got a chance to see the types of discussion we have before pushing any strategies out!

  • Adrian Drysdale

    What the hell? No throw down Thursday this week? Oh dear, this isn’t a good start.