• Melanie Baker

    This is great stuff, Wil — thanks for the video! Only thing that makes me happier than real life case studies of using our tools is people who make videos so I don’t have to. :)

    Fantastic advice about using competitors’ past content to great fresh stuff and to harness their audience to promote it as well. And in my experience, people love that kind of thing. Really useful info that they don’t have to go hunt down? Yes, please!

    Of course, those who want to see all this info on their own content, our Analytics ( tool is free, too, for those who register for our Connect service ( That service is to connect bloggers with brands and agencies that want to do business with them.

  • Adrian Drysdale

    This is badass! I know what i’m going to be doing for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing Wil.

  • Jeremy Bencken

    Great tips, Will. One of my favorite uses for the PostRank extension with Google Reader is to setup Google Alerts RSS feeds for certain keywords, and then rank which posts seemed to get the most traction. You can get some killer content ideas or start to find trends for what’s working in a particular industry. I wrote a bit more about it on tip 5 on here Anyway, great stuff!

  • T.J. Loftus

    Will thanks for the Video… Just read about PostRank this morning here as well

    Looks like another great tool to add to the arsenal.

  • Wil Reynolds

    @adrian @Melanie, thank you

    @jeremy, LOVE that idea…thank you!