• Melanie

    Hello from Germany,
    I found your Video linked at a Germany SEO Site, and followed it to this page! I´ll have to say it´s very great and has much good informations. The only problem is, I´ll have to learn a little more english to understand all the videos ;-)

    Best Regards

  • Wil Reynolds

    It probably doesn’t help that I talk really fast too, sorry :) Thanks for commenting here, always good to know people are being helped out!

  • Brandon Spangler


    I participated in your SEO & Linkbuilding 101 seminar at SEMA last week, and found it to one of the most worthwhile events that I attended during the week. Glad I visited your website, as it seems that all of the videos and articles are very informative as well. Looking forward to putting my new-found SEO knowledge to work for me. Thanks for what you’re doing!

  • Wil Reynolds

    That is great to hear Brandon! Thanks for the kind words…its my pleasure!

  • John Graham

    You talk about looking for sites with 404 from page 5+. How do you go about finding those particular pages with 404 on them?
    Then afterwards what is best practice in finding links that were pointing to them?

  • John

    i like what you said. i was wondering if you can post a update to the link building video. The video is from 2007 and im not sure if its up to date? Im in a non competitive market and im trying to rank high. I have a free press release that i did and that is ranking right under my competitors. the biggest competitor is page rank 2. Just wondering if you have a new link building video coming soon thanks!

  • Wil Reynolds

    John #1 – Usually I find them returning 404′s using open site explorer, which will also show you the links pointing to them before.

    John #2 – I would love to update that video…not a lot of time to create the update, but I do have a ton on other link building strategies.

    Thanks guys!

  • John Graham

    Thanks for your reply. Maybe if you have time, a blog post with some link building strategies- it would really be much appreciated.
    John #1 :)

  • Mark Sherris

    Great video Wil,

    I found you on YouTube the other week and have been watching some of your videos over the past few days.

    Very interesting and insightful!

    Mark Sherris.

  • Bill Rowland

    Wil, I really enjoyed the video. You are truly “the mad doctor of link building.”

    Hope to catch up with you soon.

  • Sarah G.

    Your video is informative and hilarious. It certainly kept me interested the entire time. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • Greg

    I like the video and strategy. Thanks for the insights.

    That said, you’re sporting a 404 yourselves on a rather important page (your ROI calculator) and a bit of a type mismatch to boot (SEO ROI link to an SEM ROI calculator).

    Nonetheless, the content is stellar and is matched by your enthusiasm. Thanks.

  • Wil Reynolds

    Arghhhhh, several server moves later some things went back to their old ways…thank you so much greg!!! Thanks for letting me know.