• Rank Watch

    Very nice input i must say. A lot has been said, written, discussed and criticized about the Facebook Graph search in the last few days, and we all are so much eager to see what developments take place in this regard in the coming few days. This a a nicely written advice.

  • Nico Miceli

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it. I am also curious how graph search will turn out when its completely rolled out.

  • EJ Garcia

    Great to see you looking at the new opportunities Graph Search presents instead of comparing it to Google and web search.

  • Annalisa Hilliard

    I recently deleted a bunch of my friends (read acquaintances) from Facebook. After getting overwhelmed with the amount of noise (read baby & wedding photos), I decided it was time to do some weeding. The new graph search makes me a little regretful. However, the people I am still connected to I actually have a relationship with. So, maybe it isn’t a bad thing. Thanks for this post, I haven’t used the graph search, but will be checking it out now!

  • Nico Miceli

    I used to work a lot in nightlife & promotions so I would just friend people to promote events. When I got out of that industry I cleaned up my FB and deleted a lot of ‘friends’.

    That just makes the information higher quality using the above method. I would hate to see a great connection and then realize the only friend I have in common is someone who I don’t know at all.

    Thanks for the comment and glad you like the post!

  • Spook SEO

    I never use this graph search for my Facebook account but after reading this post Nico Miceli, I eagerly want to apply this graph search on my timeline as we all know that social media is the best tool for connecting the peoples and communities and a more helpful tool for sharing information.