Use Keyword Lists to Organize Unwanted Searches

One of my biggest frustrations as a paid search account manager was the inability to add negatives to multiple campaigns in an account without copying them from one campaign and pasting them in another.

Remembering to do this is a different project  altogether. In the past this task has been very time-consuming  (but very beneficial for the account, your clients, budgets, etc).

In the midst of frustrating us with changing ads appearance and adding new funky features to the SERP pages, the Google Gods have blessed us PPCers with another amazing tool that will help us manage accounts efficiently.

Negative keyword lists is a new feature that allows you to manage negative keywords across multiple campaigns by creating lists and attributing them to multiple relevant (or irrelevant…) campaigns. At the moment the lists are for campaign level only.

What To Use the Lists For

I find this tool useful for negatives that you want to use across all campaigns, a.k.a. Account Negatives. Now you can create an “Account Negatives” list in AdWords, with all of the negatives you wish to add, and attribute it to any new campaigns that you may add in the future.

I also have a client that has the same themes for multiple campaigns that are targeted to multiple different geo’s. Using the negative list feature, I set up a List per campaign/theme and attributed it to all similar campaigns. This will save me a lot of time moving forward now that I no longer need to go to each campaign and add the negative.

Now I can just add the negative term to the list, and it is automatically added to all campaigns associated to the list.

Set ‘em Up!

You can set up the lists in the Control Panel and Library from the Campaign tab.

Just name the list and add the negative terms. You can add the lists to your campaigns by following these steps:

  • Go to the Keyword Tab
  • Select Negative Keywords (below the keywords you are bidding on)> Campaign Level > Keyword Lists
  • Select Campaign(s) and the list(s)

You can also create and manage the lists from here as well.

Adding Negative Terms from Search Term Reports

One of my favorite discoveries I made while playing with this new feature is the ability to add negative keywords directly from the Search Term report. You now have the option to add negatives to the ad group level, the campaign level or a Negative Keyword List.

The beauty of having the list option here is that you are now kind of forced to be more organized and efficient with your negative keywords. Now, when I see a term I don’t want to be showing for, I think “Are there other campaigns that I want to add this to?” Previously, I didn’t really think about it unless I saw that I was showing up for the bad term on more than one occasion.

Now go create some negative lists and see positive results! 🙂