• neil

    good link building article its true about doing business and linking being similar!

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  • Games Rogue

    Nice article, thinking out side the box link building.

  • dramaplot

    I like the idea of helping people without expecting in return. Because that what helping people is.

  • wil

    @games @dramaplot its funny, but people just don’t think about that as a linking angle! What gives?!

  • Ugochukwu Opara

    Wow. Great message; well received on my end also. Always stay humble and do you best to help other no matter how little, its the little things that always add up. I just decided to start blog and commit to it. I was able to build a solid business offline but now I want to hit the internet and take off from there. Your video got me really exited and I’m about to hit this blog thing he-man style! lol

    Thanks again

  • Carlin Brundage

    This is why people like you are successful.. I recently have been doing a lot of outreach and spoke with Jamie over there this morning. Nice blog posts here, good information