• Colin

    Insightful post Brendan, good stuff. After various blank stares from non-techies, I am starting to see the benefit of non-SEOs giving SEO training. SEOs for the most part are jargon-soaked web geeks, nearly incapable of seeing something from a noob’s perspective. Curse of knowledge indeed.

  • Phillip Moorman

    I think that’s true of a lot of industries, not just SEO. Something that has helped me teach non-techies is directly working with clients. A lot of the time our clients have no idea what we do so when I’m on a call or in a meeting with them it gives me that noob perspective. Things like that have really helped me train new employees and explain processes to the account managers.

  • Sawaram Suthar

    Nice!!! I am also in the same stage. Great stuff, it will be helpful for me.

  • website design

    I absolutely agree with what author is saying, Thanks for the article.

  • Spook SEO

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