• Imants

    Interesting post – enjoyed it.
    One thing about the attribution tracking – Google Analytics (GA) introduced Multi-Channel Funnels ( where you can see which channels attributed to the conversions.
    It will not apply to this example exactly since you can only see the information for the past 30 days, but it’s still very useful, provided you have configured conversions in GA.

  • Sean

    Good article and very true. Have you taken their ppc account and matched up at the keyword level as well? Granted there is some overlap in data as there will be attributions to PPC that are also found in organic but it is always interesting to take a look at how far the data is off to see user behavior. Are there keyword groupings that are really high in ppc and low last touch attribution in GA.

    How about looking multi channel attribution in GA at the keyword level. Finding trends in the data of what keywords these visitors touch before getting to that last touch keyword if we are talking organic>paid or paid>organic as the funnel.

  • Mark

    @Imants and @Sean

    Multi-channel attribution is a great call, though in our experience it has not provided the most accurate report. The % data is interesting for sure, and the funnel concept would definitely get you an idea of the role certain kws play in the conversion process.

    That being said, I’ve had limited success getting clear #s from GA – if you have any tips or specific examples of how you’ve extracted data definitely let us know.

  • Paul Gailey

    fine piece, i’m stoked to find this post as it is totally up my street at the moment.

    @sean I looked at this recently and found a misleading reliance on ppc low converting keywords that correspondingly were producing lots of assists from GA reports. So the CPAssisted for the term was in some cases dramatically lower than the classic PPC CPA.