• Robert Enriquez

    I agree with giving out information freely will always keep you on your toes. When competition becomes fierce..this is when we are put to the fire, and are forced to go back to the drawing board.

    There are a lot of experts who DON’T push themselves to the limit, and will soon become obsolete.

  • Tim Staines

    I was thinking the same thing as Brian when you were going through that part of your presentation. That setting was particularly well suited for sharing on that level since it was a smaller group. And even though you have probably enlightened far larger audiences with the same (or similar) strategies, that group probably benefited more than average.

    Positive number 4 & negative number 4 (above) are both related to “Loving It,” and you obviously do. For the most successful people in this business (and most any other), this seems to be a common thread. If you love what you do, you’re likely to be consumed by your “work” conversations because they aren’t really work, they’re fun.

    Your karma concept is in play in work AND life; but for me it comes back to the love. When picking friends and business partners, genuine interest (or Love) is a very important thing to consider. As someone who gives a lot to his friends and business partners, I try to be very choosy when picking them. Friendships and business ventures don’t always work out, but that’s what karma is for; just brush it off and keep going, the good karma will catch up with us in the end.

  • gagan

    Great Post will , That’s why I am crazy about you because you share everything you know and also inspires SEO learners like me to do the same

    Keep up the good work


  • wil

    @ robert I couldn’t agree more, information flows too quickly these days, you gotta remain fierce!

    @TIM I agree IMSB was the right setting for sure, I agree that things in business and life don’t always work out as planned, but if people know you got a good heart they’ll give you benefit of the doubt once in a while.

    @gagan thanks, its important to hear that kind of support, Ill keep putting the info out there, you better believe it!

  • Brandon Buttars

    I agree with keeping on your toes too. I think people will reward you for sharing the information with them through the links, leads, etc. I’m one who always tends to remember their mentor, even if I have never met my mentor I will give them credit where it’s due.

    I always try to keep in mind that information is only information until it’s been executed and a process has been created. There’s a lot of talkers out there. If you can inform and show your track record you’ll always be ahead of the guy that read your blog post and has yet to execute.

  • wil

    Thats the thing brandon! Even with all the info in the world, people pay to just not deal with things. Trust me, I could do my own taxes but there is a price at which it is worth me NOT doing my own taxes you know?

  • Brian Chappell

    Hey Wil,

    You hit home on a few points that I find similar issues with, not being able to answer everything and lateness.

    Its not that I don’t care about you or mean you any disrespect, its just that emails can be mind numbing and tough to handle at times.

    Great article, thanks for sharing Wil ;-)

  • Gab Goldenberg

    More quality Wil? Don’t you have anything better to do? ;P
    You make it harder for the rest of us to stand out, ya jerk lol ;)

  • Dustin

    Great info as always.

    First I’ll say that I recently got hired as an Internet marketing Specialist for a company that will be bringing it’s product to the market in December. Without Wil and some of the other contacts I got after following him I don’t see how I could have walked into that interview with the confidence his advice gave me.

    The most important thing I think happens from Wil giving all the information he knows is that it gives credibility to SEO. He does it in the right way and if more people followed Wil and his advice it would open up more job opportunities in SEO. There are some that think It’s all a scam and paying the extra money for an SEO consultant isn’t worth it. This is true in some cases since there are some shady black cap SEO people out there making false promises as we all know. However, Wil isn’t one of those people and if you follow him you will learn the right way to do things. Threw his hard work I’ve learned so much. I have a great job right out of college because I followed his advice. Thanks Wil!

  • wil

    Dustin, thanks for the kind comments, although black cap is new to me? You mean black HAT ha! Just busting chops best of luck in that new job!

  • Dustin

    Ya us North Dakota boys have a different language “don’t cha know” we also don’t have electricity so kind of weird I’m on the computer huh?! haha Thanks Wil!

  • @patstrader

    Great perspective on both sides of the equation…also liked the example used in your comment about doing taxes.

    Just because people obtain a level of knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean they can put it in play.


  • Wil Reynolds

    Thanks Pat!

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  • Paul Tyler

    I’m a big believer in your karma theory and after last week’s seminar in London you should be buying lottery tickets!! Thanks

  • Tiggerito

    I totally agree the the share philosophy and practice it myself. In fact I don’t think I’m capable of working any other way.

    As another positive, I find that showing and teaching people how things work help you yourself understand it better. Those that can explain a process are a level up on those that can just use it.

  • Vincent Ammirato

    Continuing on that line: We got burned on this once…recently too. A potential client owned 3 large (state-wide for NC, SC, and FL) franchises for XXXXXXX. He asked us to help him with his internet marketing. After the initial meeting, we came back with a proposal that included some online reputation management ( and

    He liked the idea so much he asked us to pitch the whole shebang to the corporate owner…who happened to be his childhood friend.

    Long story short, XXXXXXX International said thanks but no thanks but the very next day tried to purchase the domains. We already had them because we thought we had the local guy’s account. Through him, they demanded we release them…so we did. Since then we’ve heard nothing from the local guy or international.

    Bummer…but, in the long run, would we really want to do business with people like that?

  • Ranjan Jena

    Thanks for sharing your experience on the pros & cons of sharing knowledge. I work for a travel company called vayama and all of my ex colleagues do work for most of my competitors. Though i find being open in my ideas to everyone whenever we clash on a discussion, but the same is not found from my counter parts. So that is where i have to restrain myself.

  • Wil Reynolds

    @ranjan I know that I have competitors who I share info with, and we are “friendly” competitors…sometimes people just don’t want to share information, and in this business usually they are the ones who lose out.