• Anonymous

    welcome to the SEO industry SEER… one of the oldest tricks of the trade

  • Wil Reynolds

    Thanks for the warm welcome Bri / christy ;)

  • Tom

    Great article Wil! I just tested this out with a small client of mine against the leader in their industry, and I was honestly amazed at the results. There were tons of smaller articles highlighting the differences between the two companies. Pretty interesting considering the site I work on isn’t even on the market leader’s radar. Could potentially be a huge opportunity to take some market share.

  • Wil Reynolds

    Thanks Tom, glad to share something so impactful here on the blog, best of luck deploying the strategy and let me know how it works for you and what you learn as well, deal?

  • Nuttakorn

    Thanks Will, Great article to be experimental in long tail keywords development. The major influence of Google suggests are anchor text, back links and also search volume. Interesting development area. Hope to catch up you at Pubcon next week. Will catch up you on Twitter. Cheers.

  • Tom


  • goodnewscowboy

    Another nice post Wil. I am so never tired of hearing keyword strategy.

    I’m sorry to have missed hearing you at Pubcon. One of these days I’ll have the privilege.

  • Greg Childs

    Hi Wil! Loving your articles, was recommended to you by my SEO guy, @blafrance. Implementing your strategy here, and took note of your ’335 vs G37′ example – I think we might have had a little to do with that: – Our most-trafficked thread to date. Thanks for all your insight, keep the good stuff coming.

  • Wil Reynolds

    @Tom, thanks buddy!

    @Goodnewscowboy – I’ll be in vegas for the affiliate summit next – any plans?

    @greg Glad you are getting something out of it…I’ll keep cranking out the work amigo.

  • James Brown

    Some good tips for 2nd phase SEO work. Its good to see the Salesforce CRM example as it’s CRM software and CRM that I optimise the ClickHQ website for.