• David Temple

    Good points, I’m preparing a presentation on what prospective clients should look for when hiring an sem firm and will incorporate some of these if that’s okay. I especially lked the info regarding social media marketing. Everyone says they are experts but how can you be an expert when you don’t even have an account let alone any activity?

    I like how you show the whole team at SEER and not just management. Too many firms just show management and that is really all they have because everyone is a manager. Clients need to understant that just because you have a team of 100 people, doesn’t make you better.

    It’s difficult to develop good gurantees. Remember when people would guarantee #1 ranking in Google and just bid the highest on a term. The ad quality score took care of that. I personally don’t like rankings as a KPI and prefer to look at increase in % of visitors from search engines.

  • wil

    Thanks David! Feel free to use away!

    I always thought is says something about a company when they don’t list everyone that works there on the web site, they create hierarchies, what makes one person important enough to be on the site and not another, you know?

    Guarantees are rough, i would love to come up with a formula that works one day. rankings are NOT the right metric, I agree. Whats tough about traffic increases is how do you handle it when increasing one clients traffic (from search) is 800% because they never did SEO vs a client who is 20% because they had SEO done before? how do you account for that on the way in?

    Thanks again!