• duane forrester

    Excellent article! Very good concept and nice to see solid names sharing details. Nice work all around. I’m off to tweet… :)

  • Rhea Drysdale

    Thanks again Wil for putting together a fantastic resource for agencies, clients and in-house SEOs alike. Really love the printable PDF, great stuff.

  • Alan Bleiweiss

    OMG This is an awesome list and most appropriately given the status of commandments. Thank you all for contributing and Wil for pulling this together. There isn’t anything I could find that I disagree with or do differently in my own work. Every SEO needs to read this and vow to honor this list.

  • Dustin Hodgson

    Thanks for the great article Wil. It was like the Miami Heat of blog post with all the talent you had in there.

  • Wil Reynolds

    @duane – thanks buddy, its not too surprising, but the people I chose for this piece are sharing people :) So thank them too.

    @rhea – you killed it, I took notes form your stuff :) Thank you!!

    @Alan, I figured it was a little tongue in cheek, but things I take for granted today, I wish I knew as it relates to setting expectations years ago, it would have saved em a lot of frustrations that I brought on myself.

    @dustin, thank you!!

  • goodnewscowboy

    As always Wil a solid post. I got some great takeaways.

  • Bill Marshall

    Very refreshing to come across a really well thought out and informative article that many professionals can gain insight from. Rhea’s list alone is worth devoting a lot of consideration to and reminds me of one I started myself ages ago and never finished, the whole article contains many gems that could easily save an SEO business.

    When I think of the less successful contracts I or previous employers have taken on they can mostly be attributed to forgetting to explain one or more of these aspects *before* the client went off at a tangent and developed unrealistic expectations.

    Thanks Will, and all the contributors.

  • Dev Basu

    This is the kind of discussions that are usually shared between SEO’s at a conference bar or via email privately, so thank you for putting this post out there Will. Having been through the high and low tides of setting SEO expectations myself, I wish I had a post like this to refer to when I started in this industry.

  • Charles Davis

    Thanks Wil! And thanks to all the participants. It’s great to be in an industry where the best of the best love to share and push each other. I’ll now need to reread this and share with my team as it is a combination of things we’ve discussed and new things that will help make us better. Thanks again!

  • Christina

    Great article and I should say one of the best article I read for this year. Thanks for the PDF, it’s a must have for me.

  • wil reynolds

    @cowboy thank you buddy!

    @ bill, Rhea smashed it didn’t she?? really hope this piece helps a bit – it was even a good reminder for ME of the things to remember that I must do before taking on a new client. I think it is so often so easy (especially in a down economy) to get worked up on an opportunity without making sure the client fully understand what they are getting into.

    @dev – no more of that shared only at conference stuff here…lets try to bring more of that to the masses.

    @charles, to be honest when I put this together it was a LOT longer, so many people gave such great responses that it was hard to trim it down, but I am glad I got the best stuff posted. Love your stuff over at Blast BTW.

    @christina – thank you!

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  • Garious

    Wow! This list is super helpful. I particularly like the rule that says ” Thou shall always underpromise and overdeliver! ” I think that any lie will always have a way of catching up with you and it’s just a matter of time that it will happen. When it did, you must be able to face the consequences. Setting the expectations right is the proper way to go in the first place and when it comes to a changing world like that of SEO’s — it’s all about quality, not quantity that matters — whether you’re talking about blogs, content, keywords, links and more.

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  • Wil Reynolds

    Garious, thanks for the comment, glad you liked it, would you have any to add yourself?

  • John B

    Wil – This is awesome! I Just stumbled across this post while I was Googling around looking for something I could send to a prospect who is killing me over there not be a guaranteed quantity of links in my proposal. UGH! He’s leaning toward the guys that are offering him hundreds per month. Probably better off to just let that one go, eh. Anyway, what a great post. You guys are the best