• Samuel Edwards

    Great post, Amanda! Really enjoyed the insights you provided here.

  • Kath Dawson

    Hi Amanda, really interesting post especially on image sizes. We’ve just got our first +Post Ad approved this morning and we are eager to see how that pans out. Its interesting to see how comments are potentially going to look very odd in the context of Google+. For instance, if you are ‘advertising’ an infographic/survey results that is clear in the post but then someone comments saying they are watching a video and being interrupted by the advert then its just not going to make sense to anyone.

    I can only imagine that a site this post was advertised on was showing a video and the viewer moved their cursor away from the video and over the advert which made it pop up hence causing them annoyance. That’s hardly your client’s fault!

    This makes me think that the 2 second hover until the lightbox pops up is not a good idea and will annoy people as pop ups do! My understanding is that you don’t pay for the lightbox pop up but you pay for +1, comments and reshares. Is that your experience? If thats the case and you turn comments off then you would only pay for a reshare or +1?

    I imagine that the content has to be really engaging AND highly relevant in order to attract engagement. Did you try lots of different kinds of content? We are trying a free ebook on content marketing so fingers crossed :)

  • Amanda Mancuso

    Thank you! I’m glad you found it helpful

  • Amanda Mancuso

    Hi Kath,

    Good luck with your test! The comments were definitely the trickiest part so as long as you monitor them (as you should with all social media) then you should be fine.

    The 2 second hover probably eliminates a lot of accidental expansions but there are people out there who are not aware of where they have their mouse, especially when watching a video.

    You are actually charged at first engagement. So if the first engagement is the 2 second hover then that is what you are charged for. You are only charged for 1 engagement, so if the hover, +1, comment and click – you will only be charged once.

    We tested 4 different posts all with very different content and at different times. The client we tested these ads for have a lot of seasonal posts so we took advantage of keeping the ads relevant.

    Please share with us how the ads work for you!

  • Pallab Kakoti

    Thanks for sharing the details. Only a handful has access i believe so the inputs are much appreciated. #plbkkt

  • garykinced1967

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