• Scott Taft

    Great post Sung. Definitely an important topic. I was wondering if a blog (not a blog post) has multiple pages, should you use the canonical tag to point back to the main blog page? Or is the canonical really just for duplicate content?

  • Aaron Bradley

    Nice post Sung. Quick addendum to what you’ve written here:

    “When URLs are accessible through both:

    Actually, this – the home page residing at the domain-level root – is the one situation in which there is no mechanism to rewrite to a preferred form. At the folder level, yes; at the home page level, no. While it may not appear so in a browser’s address bar, the domain root is always understood by HTTP as including a trailing slash – the “” example.

    In consequence one of most common canonical errors I encounter is:

    Bzzzzz! Not possible. (Though while canonical inspectors will throw an error here, I think at the root level search engines see this as equivalent for root-level URLs, regardless of what canonical is specified.)