• web design in Maidstone

    :/ sad.. but not available in the UK (…yet)

    still… i’m registered in google places already some time ago…

  • Ashley

    Hi there,

    Have you tested these ‘tags” by any chance? Are they REALLY free for a month, or is there some kind of cancellation fee, or a minimum number of months you have to run them?

  • Garious

    I’ve never heard about Google Tags before so thanks a lot for sharing this piece of hot info. I think Google Places is like the Facebook Places of search engines? Correct me if I’m wrong. Yet, I think this is more useful than Facebook Places as you don’t have to tell people just where in the world you are right at this very moment.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Ashley We have not tested the Google Tags Yet, but are eager to do so for some of our local clients. According to the Google blog: “Your free trial comes with no strings attached. You can cancel before your trial is over and never pay a dime”

    @Garious: Im glad you found the post helpful. Google Places: Helps Local Businesses verify their listings so that Google has the correct information when people are searching online for you. Placements are not guaranteed, but providing details can help your listing stand out.