• Sarah Peduzzi

    I love automated rules for ads! Perfect for the larger clients who switch things on and off a lot – a bit of upfront work setting up these rules and I am set for weeks/months.

  • LukeAlley

    Using this. Thanks Ally and SEER!

  • Jon Hines

    I love the automation, currently playing with their scripts to look at campaigns performers at a high level.

  • AG

    Great feature when used properly! This is extremely helpful for those in the retail world that have to manage ever changing promo copies. It can also be dangerous when not done right..I’ve had the pleasure of this activating ALL ads in my account..

  • Ally Malick

    Exactly! Thanks for reading!

  • Ally Malick

    Thanks for your comment, you make a good point. It’s always a good idea to have human eyes reviewing any kind of automation.

  • Ally Malick

    Thanks for reading, it’s definitely a time saver!

  • Ally Malick

    No problem, thanks for reading!