• LeberMac

    Fascinating! I’ll noodle this a little more tomorrow, and I only have one thing I disagree with.
    Your beer selection. Try:

  • Fazal Mayar

    Wow those are some nice tricks. I need a way to improve my ROI, and i dont drink beer, I cant argue with your beer selection.

  • J Tan

    Great Tip! I always thought of some day looking at the server logs / analytics components from cPanel for more keywords to supplement the Google Keyword Tool, but for some reason I didn’t think of using Google Analytics.

    The only concern I have is that a lot of these referral keywords can be “too lateral” to be considered useful for future content optimization, inttitle, inanchor, and inurl inclusions.

  • Rodney

    Very nice! You say you pull out typos. The mis-spellings I end up with in lists like this is always something I struggle with. I wouldn’t want to have “typo’s” on my websites and building anchor text links with typo terms feel sloppy as well. What would you guys do with mis-spellings that show up in lists like this, get descent traffic and have converted?

  • Mark

    @LeberMac – Glad you found the post useful, and good beer reco!

    @J Tan – Good point on the keywords being tough to incorporate, however in most cases I’ve found that a few tweaks here and there can really help. Generally the pages that make the most sense are already thematically relevant, and some may not have been optimized at all.

    @Rodney – Typos, typos. Definitely a tough subject…In this example I was looking at an ecommerce client, so the majority of misspellings were brand related and would not have made sense to incorporate. That being said, I tend to stay away from typos in general because they rarely make sense editorialy and over time ggl and bing have gotten very good at suggesting corrections, or serving corrections automatically: