• Chris Gregory

    I recently had a CMO ask for help making a presentation to the CEO based on the same formulas you cover Rankings x Estimated Traffic x CTR. My response was if we do that the only number they will remember is the last one =)

    Well said Sir!

  • Bill Bean

    Homerun, Wil. Thanks for putting this together.

  • wilreynolds

    @Chris_Gregory:disqus thanks for the commentary. CEOs are totally only going to remember the last one, and definitely NONE of the caveats we said about all the changes. They have too much going on to remember nuances, they do remember numbers.

  • phantom73

    I’d like to play a little devil’s advocate here because while I think all of Wil’s criticisms are valid, I think there is a place for rankings-based projections in today’s SEO, as long as we’re smart about it

    That said, if you treat your projections like gospel and communicate it that way with clients, you are going to get burned, big time.

    However – speaking from my experience here – if we (SEOs) want to sit at the big kids table, we need to make logical projections based on the best date we have at the time, and communicate those projections effectively. This not only applies to the sales process (I actually hate this for sales) but its important for strategy, prioritization, and resource allocation.

    Granted, most CEOs/CMOs are never going to remember the fine print, but that’s ok because the good ones have been around the block enough to understand that any projection model is flawed. Once you get into the process, its not about whether you’re hitting or missing your projections, but why are you missing and what course corrections do you recommend as a result