• MaheshSrinivasan

    Hi, I got the holistic view on using Adwords Campaign Experiment than the word on Google Adwords Blog. Neat and clear.

  • Bonnie

    @Mahesh great! I am glad you are enjoying ACE as well.

  • Sign Company

    I have personally been using the experiments feature for a while now. It makes it incredibly easy to fine tune your ad copy so you can find that winning formula.

  • Terry Whalen

    Hi Bonnie,

    Thank you for writing and screen-shotting so clearly! We will give this a try.

    Someday, we hope that ACE allows user to split-test between a control campaign and a test campaign with different campaign settings.



  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @sign company, I agree ACE is very user friendly
    @Terry I’m with you 100% I would love to test day parting, sitelinks, ad optimize vs. rotate. Im glad the screen shots were helpful!!

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    I just noticed as a follow up to this that you can now export experiment results, which is very help if you want to send the ad copy break down to clients.

  • Terry Whalen

    Ah – I figured we’d run into a problem with ACE. We just found out we cannot use it to test ads if we are already using Enhanced CPC bids. I actually think enhanced cpc bidding works really well, and we use it a lot. But I do get frustrated with so many things the AdWords folks put out — much of it sounds good on paper or in conversation, but we seem to always run up against a brick wall in all our use cases. This is just one more example. And using ACE to test keyword bids – that’s such a silly idea, yet that is one of the prime uses of ACE, I think.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Terry that is a bummer you cant use with enhanced cpc bidding. Good to know you are having good success with enhanced cpc bidding. I usually find that Google innovates their product eventually to include features that I originally had wished. I hope my wish comes true for campaigns settings and enhanced cpc bidding

  • Aaron Luckie

    Great post on using ACE.

    Have just implemented this into a number of client accounts for ad copy testing.

    Do you always tend to use the 50/50 experiment split? Additionally would you recommend 2-3 weeks for a trial period or longer?


  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Aaron Thanks for your comment. The 50/50 split depends on the volume you expect on the account. Recently I have been running a 70/30 split for high volume ad groups so that if my test ads perform worse than the control I am not negatively impacting my numbers.

    In terms of a time frame, that also depends on volume. I wait until there is stat significance before making any decisions.



  • Ankur

    Hey Bonnie,

    Thanks for this. I’m sure you guys are now aware that you can actually download the experiment reports into excel.

    However they aren’t that clear. There’s this column called “Ace Indicator” next to each metric. I have no idea what those nosrepresent. Has anyone come across this ?


    Ankur !

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Ankur thanks for the comment and update. The ace indicator is the level of stat significance. Below is taken from Google Help:

    - one represents that there is a 5% probability that the metric increased or decreased by chance rather than due to your experimental changes.
    - two represents a 1% probability
    - three arrows represents a 0.1% probability

    Hope this helps

  • Ankur

    @ Bonnie this sounds fab,

    Thanks, Ankur