• Kristi

    Great walk-through. You may want to talk next about how to set Frequency impressions (via the Settings) and that needs to be done (I think!??) at the campaign level.

  • Bryce Bertola

    Great post! Remarketing is still so new that there isn’t very good documentation out there, so it’s nice to see it gaining traction.

    Identifying different areas of your site to target, based on users interest, will certainly increase your campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Morgan

    Thanks for the comments!

    @Kristi – I haven’t done much experience with frequency impressions yet although I know that they can be very effective! We have a blog coming up next on custom combinations and more advanced re-marketing strategies, so I will reach out to the team on that as well.

    @Bryce – Thanks! Re-marketing is definitely a great tool, and I always find the step-by-step blogs most helpful especially for newer strategies and processes.

  • Brian Collins

    Thanks for the detailed info Morgan. This looks a great way to target different groups of visitors who may have got lost somehow in my sales funnel. I think I follow you so here goes!

  • Dell

    Great post. Thanks for the info Morgan. It is very useful to me.

  • Morgan

    Thanks Brian & Dell!

    I’m glad that this blog was helpful. Feel free to share any findings with your new campaigns!

  • Loic

    Great post. It seems that Google has recently changed the minimum number of cookies (or unq users) from 500 to 100:

  • Morgan

    Thanks Loic!

    And yes- this is something we just realized as well since I’ve posted the blog. It is now only 100 cookies to begin remarketing. Definitely still recommend using those top content pages but at least now it is a lower threshold!

  • Dominick

    Have you tried any advanced multi-touch strategies? (i.e., different messaging at different stages in the campaign lifecycle).
    Seem fairly complex to set it up in AdWords if you aren’t doing a static message for 30 days or whatever…..

  • Morgan Talasnik

    Hi Dominick-

    This is definitely a good strategy to roll out if it is a good fit for your product/service! I have not personally had the chance to test this yet, but will be sure to share any findings once I do :)

  • Justin Lugbill

    What about for those who want to have remarketing for the entire site, but some of the pages are HTTPS (cart, checkout, etc)?

    I want to set up remarketing, but can’t figure out how I would set up the remarketing sitewide (i.e. placing in the footer of the site), as the page can be non-secure or secure.

    Do I just have to add the code to specific pages, rather than sitewide?

  • Morgan

    Hi Justin,

    Sorry for the delayed response!

    Installing remarketing codes is definitely time consuming, especially on a ecommerce site with multiple pages and different security levels. Since you have to place the remarketing code in between the body tags (no footer or header) it’s hard to place a site-wide code. Even if all pages had the same security level, we recommend breaking out the audiences anyway since some will likely perform better than others. You can also tailor your messages better this way from someone who only reached your home page vs. someone who reached the final stage of the shopping cart.

    For ecommerce, an easy way to hit most customers in an efficient way is to break out the audiences by intention: reached home page and left (may not be interested at all), reached high volume pages (shoppers/browsers), reached shopping cart (purchasing intentions). There may be some overlap, but this is an easy way to divide the audiences using custom combinations.

    Let me know if this helps or if I can answer anything else for you!