• ms danielle

    hi leslie, funny, i actually had the paypal and pages open the other day bc i was going to write a post about this as well. i’ve always wanted to put up a chip-in non-prof widget. the hardest part is picking the org. maybe i’ll rotate them monthly. great post!

  • leslie

    Thanks Danielle! Rotating is a good idea. I think there are a lot of small non-profits out there that want to be successful online but just don’t know about the resources available!

  • Kelly

    Google Checkout just added support for non-profits as well:

  • Harvey Jones

    I always see where non-profits can get help with their fundraising by linking or joining sites to help them, but it always limits those organizations to being 501(c)3 non-profits. My organization is a veterans organization, a 501(c)19 and we are always excluded. Is there a reason for this that you know of, and how can we get accepted by companies that either assist us or work with us to get donations. Our cause is just as important as any other non-profit, but it is very difficlt to get any kind of recognition.