• Anne Haynes

    This was a great post and I know your stats are right on. I’m sure and pulled their PPC campaigns after they saw their ROI on SEO.

  • Fred

    Love this post…There is only one first page of rankings. To me, SEO is a complement to paid search strategy. Remember, it is incredibly competitive in the SEO arena and the agencies are making all the money promising increased rankings. So company A improves their ranking from the 80th page to the 30 page. How is this a benefit? The most effective way to gain top rankings is to pay for them. I agree that SEO needs to be considered, but how do you explain this to a local company that offers products that no one is truly looking for?? Is the SEO stategy a good one? Consider this…the search terms you could bid for account for far less investment than a “true” SEO strategy. Why invest thousands of dollars on content integration, tagging and programming for the “potential” opportunity to get on the first page.

    Many factors to be considered…This is truly dependent on the client, industry, awareness and budget. ROI is the key, but what if you are not selling a tangible product or service.

  • Patrick


    I’m glad you enjoyed it. True SEO can be expensive, so is PPC. First I would ask what is local company doing Search for if “how do you explain this to a local company that offers products that no one is truly looking for??”. If no one’s looking for their product then why advertise.

    If I understand your point it’s if you are a local does it make sense to dump money into SEO? Yes, by focusing on niche specifc keywords that are very targeted. If you are selling scissors in Philadelphia then focus your keywords on Philly with very specific keywords from the product. These keywords will be less competitive and more likely to convert. Bringing on a SEO consultant for a small project can reap huge dividends for their business in the long haul.

    I agree PPC has its pros. However, as more and more companies enter the PPC market CPC rates will only continue to sky rocket. Let’s hope the recent change in the bidding landscape, Quality Score, will help companies to see better returns.

  • Zack Haris

    let’s not talk about companies. Try talking about the people who now goes into internet marketing, the individuals.

    Most of them that goes into this business either start of with a very low budget or with no budget.

    PPC will definately be out for them. SO SEO is the better options for anybody. No doubt about it.

    When done correctly, you will see huge increase in trffic to the site, let alone sales…

    Zack Haris