• Israel

    I enjoyed the time you took to explain things. While I knew most of what you were saying already, it was engaging enough to stick around.


  • ms danielle

    i appreciated the fact that you were being realistic about what may need to be done to be more competitive. it’s the reality of the industry that no one wants to admit they do out of fear of google. i’d love to see a debate on why google doesn’t return the most relevant search results. :D and what could make for better results

  • Gary Lee

    I saw calacanis typing away in the right side of the room and knew he might be up to no good :) . . . . but I’m glad you put him in his place with your “I’m not an accountant” response to his seo/tax questions . . anyways . . great presentation!

  • Dave Ashley

    I am mainly in the PPC game but wanted to learn more about SEO and found your lecture great. As for jason, who I don’t know but was sitting right behind, I found your answers to his questions great. When you spoke of paying for clicks you made it clear, to me at least, that this was only to jump start a new site and not a long term strategy. I remember your lecture well and you certainly weren’t saying it was going away but changing. This was actually a welcomed message for me as the old totally technical point of SEO seemed dull(not that ppc isn’t) but your point of moving towards a more marketing approach sounds great and makes sense. Well great lecture and i’m glad they let you keep talking.

  • wil

    @ Israel, thanks!

    @ ms danielle – It was great finally meeting you! Hope to see you in Boston!

    @ gary lee – It is not my desire to put someone in their place, but I hate it when people try to stir controversy only.

    @ Dave – Lies, Damn Lies! I don’t know why Jason would say those things,m they were false…oh that’s right the C in Calacanis stands for controversy…if he ever said…hey Wil’s got some honest points and good advice he wouldn’t be “him” LOL!!!

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  • Graeme Eastman

    Hi Will,
    Thanks for the great session. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks also for sending me the SEO bookmarks, however I thought there was going to be a list of directories you thought were worthwhile submitting to. Do you have such a list?

  • wil

    Hey Graeme, I am just seeing this one buddy, sorry – I sent that out a while ago, did you get it?