• Chris Brown

    If SEO gets you to the page… then what?

    Doesn’t Branding help with the next step which requires trust?

  • Stacey Harpster

    Thanks for your question, Chris. It’s interesting…I suppose the same way that television did not obliterate radio, SEO should not obliterate branding in the manner you are describing–communication (…as I believe that branding encompasses every single aspect of a business from the offering to operations to communication to everything and doing all of these successfully is what builds consumer trust). SEO and branding in communication have to find a way to co-exist. There are benefits to both. The main question I’m posing is about results and how committed do we have to be to branded communication–that may not produce measurable results, if we have search opportunities that can produce measurable results? If we have to alter web copy to enable search success…isn’t that more important than strictly adhering to branding requirements for the web copy, which could prevent search success. Seems like another area that will require much negotiation under the umbrella of marketing. We need to find a middle-ground that allows search success and branded communication.

  • Glenn Nicholas

    Wil, so true. The chicken and egg analogy is spot on. Search marketing (all marketing) works better when it is supported by strong branding. For startups/small business who don’t have a brand (yet), search marketing is a powerful tool to bootstrap.