• Jon Payne

    God bless you Wil – you are quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers / speakers in the industry. I couldn’t agree more with both your comments about TopSEO and also your comments on that video clip responding to Jason C. Re: TopSEOs… at one point my firm had great exposure on that site – a few years ago – when we worried more about marketing our business and getting new clients. Today, we’re a better SEO firm and we’re busier than hell so we don’t really market ourselves much at all, and thus get no exposure on sites such as these. They also tend to naturally favor larger firms with higher profiles – whether or not that correlates to expertise and ability – and neglect smaller, local firms like ours. That’s okay, let’s just keep rocking out great work for clients and let others fight over these lists.

  • wil

    Jon, thanks for the kind words. I wonder who else has removed themselves from topseos and what their impact has been?

  • SEO Reviews


    I couldn’t agree more with your article, which is why we’re in the process of starting up a site where reviews are in the control of the clients. After all, they say one of the best ways to judge an SEO firm is by the results, so our site is going to let the results speak for themselves. We’re currently in development, but I came across your post and wanted to invite you to provide your own input into our service. TopSEOs is all advertising driven, bigger companies with more $$ will always see top results there, this is not my idea of an open system, where users decide who is best.

  • Pat Williams

    It’s so true what you say. There are a lot of seo companies out there that are unethical and don’t care about the client. You have to do your research and find a reputable seo firm with proven results before signing any contracts. Educate yourself first, read the top seo blogs that explain the different services. Don’t go into it blindly. You’ll be better equipped to weed out the bad ones.

  • Scott Milliman

    This is a warning not to use My Top of the First Page ( SEO service. For beginners or novis, this site is a scam. They use high pressure to close a sale with NO refunds if it produces no traffic, regardless. Under the presipice of your website, they develop your marketing plan under another website; most likely to promote their own affilate platforms. Steer clear and do not waste your money.

  • Abhishek

    very well post thanks for sharing…!