SEER's Ultimate 2014 PPC Wish List

While we certainly don’t hope for another radical change from 2014, like 2013’s Enhanced campaign migration, the SEER team has shared their PPC wishes for the new year. From updates to Google and Bing to social platforms, we have compiled SEER’s wish list of what we are looking for from PPC in 2014.

Once you are done reading through our team’s PPC wishes for the upcoming year, feel free to share your PPC wish(es) in the comments below!

Happy New Year!



I wish for better self-serve social ad interfaces. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn can represent huge opportunities for just about any advertiser but are extremely cumbersome to work in. They’re making it hard for little guys!
Aaron Levy


While enhanced campaigns do provide some great new features for advertisers I wish some of these were optional, specifically device targeting. Yeah, we get it, people search on multiple devices blah blah… but people do search differently on these devices and not all websites are tablet or mobile friendly so it would be nice to have the option to manage the campaigns in a way that is best for our clients based on their data.
Amanda Mancuso


You know what would be a nice time saver: an automated feature that takes keywords from similar ad groups with different match types and adds them as negative keywords to the other ad groups. So, all of my exact match keywords from Ad Group Exact would be added as negative keywords to Ad Groups Phrase and Broad. Make it happen, Google!
Anthony Malerba


LinkedIn Conversion Pixel! I would love to see a more robust way to track LinkedIn conversions, without having to use Linked Leads or Google Analytics.
Audrey Bloemer


For 2014, I wish for separate tablet bid modifiers in Enhanced Campaigns. I’d also love to see easier implementation of dayparting (aka ad scheduling) on both Google and Bing. As it currently stands, any complex ad scheduling is a huge pain to implement. More radically, I wish “CTA” to be its own field (similar to “Display URL”), so there is more room in the ad text for actual advertising.
Chris LaRoche


I think everyone will say this, but I would love the option to opt out of “enhanced” campaigns. I doubt that’s coming any time soon so, realistically, at least the ability to allocate a portion of my campaign budget to mobile devices would be great. What’s the harm? We can already opt out of mobile completely so who cares if we want to only allocate a small portion of our budget to mobile. That’s better than ZERO dollars allocated to mobile. It might even encourage a few more advertisers to test the waters. Win-win for advertisers and Google’s wallets.
Francis Shovlin


I would love to see better Bing day-parting capabilities.
Harris Neifield


I wish Bing Claus would have ad scheduling and make it easier to copy/ paste geographic targeting in editor and I wish LinkedIn Claus would create an editor
Hank Martin


In 2014, I am wishing on a star for improvements with regard to location targeting on both AdWords and Bing Ads. Right now we are severely limited when it comes to radius targeting and adding exclusions:

– For both engines, I would love to be able to do campaign location targeting exclusions by radius rather than just by zips, cities or states.
– For Bing, it would be great to merely be able to do campaign exclusions at all (by city, state, etc.) while doing radius targeting (right now you can only set exclusions if you’re targeting by city, metro area or state/province).
Katy Pitkin


For the upcoming year, I am hoping for the ability to revert back to some pre-Enhanced campaign settings. Specifically, I would love for the ability to set separate mobile budgets as well as the option to opt out of tablets.
Lauren Frankel


I would love for Acquisio to be able to pull in other platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, so we wouldn’t have to update their metrics in reports manually. I know it is small and not-Earth shaking, but it’ is definitely something that would save everyone some time.
Matt Mariani


In 2014, I would love to see the big engines care less about making money and more about helping advertisers and small businesses succeed. For example, tablets are not always the best fit for everyone and well we all know how I feel about session-based matches. I truly believe advertisers may be willing to spend more if the big guys stop trying to squeeze us into a mold that doesn’t necessarily fit.
Megan Ginecki


I am looking forward to better cross-device tracking capabilities and deeper integration between paid and organic search.
Nick Viggiano

Happy New Year!