• Kashif Khan

    I noticed Rand checking his phone more than three times in this five minutes long video. I presume that he got S4 and that kept him good company throughout the time he was at SEER :).

  • Bob Malloy

    WOW! This is a very interesting experiment, How did this come about?

  • Tammy Beil

    Kudos to Wil and Rand. It took courage to actually step into one another’s shoes!

  • Laura Kane

    This is such an exciting experiment, SEER’s originality continues to impress!

  • Justin Lewis

    I can’t believe I just now saw this, which by the way.. LinkedIn brought me here, which proves that it’s a good marketing medium. You guys are truly great business owners and I really love what you’re doing in the industry :D I do wonder if that meant your families traded homes as well?

  • wilreynolds

    Hey @NicheOptimizer:disqus Nora stayed back in Philly due to work commitments, but Geraldine came out to Philly, she and Rand stayed at my place.

  • Justin Lewis

    That’s awesome :D I’d love to do that myself. Thanks for the share!

  • Bryant Jaquez

    This was AMAZING. You guys are an inspiration.