• Larry Bailin

    I saw Wil live – Highly recommend watching the video – great stuff!

  • rodney

    You are the first person of color that i have found in this industry and you have inspired me, I thought i was in a world all alone. I can say that i am in need of a mentor. I will work for free!!! I work for a large company that is slowly slipping behind the times so I have stop learning. IYP industry!!!

    thank you for the motivation

  • Petroleum consultant

    I really like the video and is understandable..than you

  • Increased Online Traffic

    I’d really love to see a video tutorial on social media & community SEO.

  • Safeway Logistics

    I’m just starting SEO for my site and your videos are very helpful. Thanks ALOT!

  • Tim Carter, Pedrera, Inc.


    These vids are excellent. Thanks for putting them up. I’m really looking forward to working on another site with you guys; I always learn something new.


  • wil

    Tim, Thanks man! Looking forward to it as well!

  • James Harrison

    I’m a big fan of your link building & keyword research videos on youtube. Keep it up!

  • wil

    James, my pleasure, glad it helped, what did you find most helpful?

  • dpls

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