• Jeff

    We noticed some bing traffic showing up as referred rather than search so be sure to double check for any data being attributed inaccurately as some analytics software still needs updating.

    On another note, I think either your designer or perhaps the developer of this comment popup plugin has their branding in the page title. Might want to clean that up.

    Thanks for sharing the data though!

  • Doug Kirschman

    This is yet another site that says that Google won’t be affected. I beg to differ. Here’s why.

    Supposing most of Bing’s gains come at the expense of Yahoo, if only the slightest (1 percent say) come from Google, they lost. It would imply, rightfully so, that Google has reached an apex and has nowhere to go but down.

    I hear a lot of talk about Google not being scared of Bing. I doubt it. I believe they are very smart people. If they are, the would be terriified.