• Martin Röttgerding

    Forgive me, but have you thought this through?

    71% of your team thinks that the change will ultimately benefit accounts. The change is that you no longer have the option to decide about close variants yourself.

    Ergo: 71% of the SEER PPC team thinks that no longer being able to decide about close variants will benefit accounts.
    Ergo: 71% of the SEER PPC team thinks that deciding yourself leads to the wrong choice.
    Ergo: 71% of the SEER PPC team has little faith SEER’s decision making.

    This feels a bit like trolling… but really, this is simple logic. If losing an option is considered a good thing then there has to be something wrong with decision making. Or did I miss something?

  • Nicholas Viggiano

    Hi Martin – thanks for starting the conversation. The team evaluated their own experiences with testing the setting and the overall impact it had on accounts. A majority of the time there wasn’t a noticeable impact and ensuing discussions helped influence some of the poll results. Yes – taking away an option to decide isn’t great but we’re accepting that the change will indeed happen and trying to understand what the net impact will be on performance vs. starting a panic. We found instances where performance actually improved, so it’s hard to suggest enabling the setting is entirely a bad decision.

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