Business Thoughts

RANT! Twitter Etiquette…An addiction that can make people hate you!

First off let me say I hate referring people, I feel extremely personally responsible if things don’t work out, yet sometimes folks press me. I love referring the people who I know deliver, but that list gets harder and harder to add people to.

Anyway, I referred a company whom we couldn’t take on for SEO to someone I knew for a long time, and had consistently performed and I TRUSTED to take great care of someone we referred. This person impressed the company and the company paid a small deposit to get started.

The referral has disappeared, but luckily this “person” twitters all the time, so in theory he’s been ignoring the client for some time, and holding on to their $$ while they’ve been listening to some great songs, wishing happy birthday, working out, etc all within the last 2-3 days. This client has not been able to get in touch with this person for 2-3 weeks, and neither have I.

My sentiment went from “I hope you are OK”, to “Obviously you are OK, but you are too busy working with your interior designer to give a damn about me or someone I referred you to whom you have taken money from.”

Just one less person I can send potential prospects to!!
Lesson: If you are ignoring people via e-mail and phone (we all HAVE to do this for a few hours at times to focus on something) stop Twittering Dummy, it makes us feel pretty crummy knowing every little thing you are up to that matters more than getting back to us, I’m on 3 days and counting. Thanks!