• goodnewscowboy

    Really good stuff you shared Will. This blog of y’alls has really been churning out the quality goods as of late. Thanks for the tips!

  • Wil Reynolds

    Thanks Buddy!

  • Brian

    really like how you dig deep for link relevancy. was something I learned very early in my link building career… i will hopefully be attending SES as well and look forward to meeting you.

    twitter lists are another great sources of potential link candidates

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  • Ryan Clark

    Tons of really really good tips Wil! I have a really juicy list of .edu faculty discount programs sitting in my pile I forgot about…thanks for reminding me :)

  • Colm

    Really nice ideas and tips Will. If’s amazing the things that you never think of to get links from other people

  • Ugochukwu Opara

    You lost me Wil. I’m new to all this so that’s why. Thanks for the info. I’m off to learn more.

  • Anjon Roy

    Hey Wil thanks for the tier 1 content. I love that you are willing to share this stuff. I’m slowly building the same type of mental filter that turns real life situations into links. The fact of the matter is there are link building opportunities all around us we just need to wake up to those opportunities that come knocking.

  • Thomas

    Wil you the link building man! A light bulb went off in my head when you talked about discounts. I have a client that offers cruise packages. But these are 2 week long cruises across the globe. The owner says only seniors take their cruises because no one except old people have that much time off.

    So ding….make cruise discount coupons for seniors and spread the word! Link Waterfall