• David Karalis

    I totally agree. At my job we were discussing how the new promoted tweets could help our website…and the consensus was that it wouldn’t. The average web surfer doesn’t use all of these fancy search features and usually just goes with a tried and true method to find the data they desire.

    Plus, like you said, why waste advertising dollars when Twitter can be utilized just fine for free?

    Good post!

  • Wil Reynolds

    I’m with you on this, especially if promoted tweets are on a cpa basis, if cpc then at least I don’t pay if I don’t get clicks, but if it is on a CPA I’d really consider it a bit of a waste.

  • Amanda Mancuso

    For right now they have it so you purchase a search term or keyword, and the promoted tweets will show up at the top of the search results page. I am not sure how they will handle this when they open it up to more advertisers- but if the tweet doesn’t resonate with users (retweets) then the tweet will disappear.

  • Montana

    Why buy Twitter ads when you can simply set up a tribe of people who will retweet your Web content?

    Also, here’s a little note: if your Web content is retweeted by enough users, then it will show up on I have 140 retweets (mostly automated, if not all automated) and I got 65 new visitors to my Website from twitturls.

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