• Adrian Drysdale

    Best SEO blog ever. Loved the planteers growing up. Does this make Wil the Captain planet of the SEO world?

  • Samantha

    Great post! Nice to see another company dropping Captain Planet references into everyday business.. at my company we actually have a Captain Planet award as a performance type thing.

    As for sharing info, other than checking out velociraptor sites that our display ads mistakenly show up on, we don’t actively share info across SEO and PPC as of right now. It’s something we’re working on.

    Thanks for linking to some of the tools out there that you use, and haha :)

  • Minchala

    Fire(fighting) is badass. Great real-world example.

    One thing i’ve observed when doing keyword research for a client that is also doing PPC is that if its a massive kwd reserach project (e.g. travel) there are great efficiencies earned by sharing research with PPC. In some cases, if you’ve kept yourself really organized, you’ll be handing the PPC team ready-made ad groups :-)