• Graeme Benge

    Loved this post. Data inconsistencies can drive a bloke mad, but that’s just a distraction. Look at your own data and make informed decisions from that.

  • HarrisNeifield

    Thanks Graeme, definitely agree that data inconsistencies will happen. We just have to do make the best decisions we can with what we have.

  • Akhil1594

    Nice Harris, great work on this!.To further test this, I was just checking the results with my own analysis – for branded terms, the results seem to vary with changes in the geographic area and also we have to consider the fact that the data imported in Google AdWords for Organic would be for the entire platforms – web, image, mobile etc..but if I am only running a campaign in AdWords for web (-mobile), I would need to compare the data from Google Webmasters with the custom filters for web. The date range also needs to be different here as if the same date when the paid campaign is running is taken into consideration and the GWMT data seen, it would not hold true I guess as it has been already influenced by the paid campaign to some extent. Take a previous months date when the brand campaign was not on for only web in GWMT and then compare the data! – Though the results above hold true to some extent…still need some time to test it though

  • HarrisNeifield

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Date ranges would need to be the same and account for the delay in collecting GWT data and search query data in Adwords.

    Geography and mobile phone vs. tablet vs. desktop could certainly cause variance by client. I’d recommend firms set look at GWT filter data (see to see if the mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet activity varies between GWT and AdWords.

    As a principle, we should all make sure the data tells the most accurate story for the client, not what we’d like to hear.

  • Luis Rocha

    Hi. Really useful insight to combine an organic and paid search strategy. Thanks

    Usually I don’t make comments but this post is so good that please note the “copy and paste” error on the table Non-Brand Queries Only, row Results, that should be something as “Organic CTR rises for SEO Non Brand rises from 4% to 9% with an ad on the SERP”. and once again well done for this analysis.

  • HarrisNeifield

    Hi Luis, thanks for the nice thoughts. Re: the ‘copy and paste error’, thanks for noticing. I updated the article to fix this.