• Paul

    Nice Post. Keep posting good content, i liked you writing style.

  • HarrisNeifield

    Thanks Paul, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll have another Twitter blog with more advanced recommendations out in April.

  • Brian Swanick

    Hey Harris, very timely since I opted to try some Twitter ads through an offer from Buffer/Twitter. I really like the analytics dash and we’ve seen some good return–about $1.25 per interaction from a mixture of both promoted brand/tweet. I guess the real question is how much potential or actual value they have, which depends on your goals.

    It looks like the newest followers for us are pretty engaged but often have high follower counts. If we’re doing basic math, it’ll still be hard to reach some of them through their Twitter stream of 4k other people. Although I’d love to believe that we stand out above the rest, I’d hesitate to make that claim.

    That said, I could see using promoted tweets to gain leads and as an amplification tactic that would work REALLY well. Brand promotion as part of your plan to grow your channels…that would work too. Purely numbers game? Clearly works too.

  • HarrisNeifield

    Thanks Brian, this is a good time to get into Twitter ads. A few of the things you touched on were great. Goals are critical. Re: amplification, Twitter’s new earned media metric certainly measures the amplification of promoted Tweets. ‘Earned media’ counts an engagement on Twitter stemming from an ad originally. So if Joe RT’s a promoted Tweet, and Mary RT’s after seeing it from Joe, and Steve click on Mary’s RT, Steve’s click (despite three degrees of separation) would still be counted in the Twitter report.

    More to come, stay tuned.

  • Bryant Jaquez

    I love this. Most of what I know about twitter+SEO has come from SEER. Good work.

  • HarrisNeifield

    Thanks Bryant, we’ll keep sharing!

  • Jake Finn

    very timely post as I have been reading SEO vs SMO a couple of reads before stumbling to this one. A lot of users (especially new ones) must have not realized that social media does not overthrow SEO but rather complements it. We use together with GWT to monitor our website’s traffic and a major contributor of our traffic comes from Twitter and LinkedIn – interestingly some also come from G+ though (POV) said social media site are still years behind as a serious / decent marketing ground

  • HarrisNeifield