• Bryant Garvin

    It’s nice to see some additional proof to something that great Search Marketers have known and preached for years. PPC and SEO shouldn’t be fighting each other for credit or resources but working together to improve performance and revenue.

    There ARE opportunities for synergy and this just helps give us additional data on why companies and agencies should be doing what they should have been doing all along!

    Thanks for sharing the data!

  • VamosBarca

    DId this behavior repeat itself for all keyword types? I would like to see if there was a difference between upper funnel versus lower funnel terms.

  • HarrisNeifield

    Thanks Bryant. It’s good to have more data to support the sermons in the ‘Search Church’ and other search marketing venues.

  • HarrisNeifield

    Hi Vamos,

    We will be diving into search queries in the part two post. There may be differences between upper and lower funnel terms, but reliable query level data takes longer to collect.

    Stay tuned!

  • Martin Röttgerding

    No offence, but this data is too good to be true. There are usually ten organic results and between one and eleven ads, and PLAs in some cases. How would you get a 50+% CTR just because you have two listings?

    I believe the cause for these spectacular results lies in branding campaigns. For branding terms the combined CTR is often around 90%. If there’s little other overlap between PPC and organic terms (because the advertiser doesn’t do much PPC or has few good organic rankings) or brand terms are very strong compared to other terms, you will get results like this. Because then the extremely high CTR from brand terms will pull up the overall CTR for combined PPC and organic.

    If you exclude brand data, the results are much less spectacular…

  • HarrisNeifield

    Hi Martin,

    Others variables could be at play, yes. Brand vs. non-brand results could be skewing proportions. I will be digging into that further in the part two blog post.

    Stay tuned!

  • Excelanto

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