Taking the Data-Driven Approach to Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing. It’s a term that we’ve heard thrown around town—usually to describe an unconventional idea for promoting a campaign. And that still rings true. Guerrilla marketing has been around for a while now, starting with door-to-door salesmen. But with the evolution of marketing via the digital age, guerrilla marketing has also transformed. Guerrilla marketing […]

How The Beatles Can HELP! You Find a New Agency

  I bet you never thought the inspiration you need when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency could come from The Beatles. There are a lot of great posts out there offering advice on how to choose the right agency, but most, if not all, only focus on things like service offerings, pricing […]

12 Awesome Perks of Being a SEER Intern

Passing our one-month mark as SEER digital marketing interns, we have joined didactic training sessions, completed engaging projects, and learned a tremendous amount of SEO knowledge along the way. It’s pretty clear that we love interning at SEER – what better way to share our love than through a gif-filled, all-things SEER favorite list? 1) […]

Rediscovering Stories (and Content): Hook, Line & Sinker Recap #4

At the Search Church this past May, we invited some content marketing experts to share the methods, strategies, and tools they use to connect content to those who need it. Over the past few weeks, we have recapped the speakers’ presentations so you can all learn from their insights and experience! So far, we’ve recapped […]

Technical Foul! Canonicals and Duplicate Content

Nobody knows technical fouls better than Ron Artest, period. You can probably make an argument for Rasheed or Malone but no one took it to another level than Mr. World Peace himself. Although I am nowhere near as experienced with Mr. Artest in terms of technical fouls, I am part of SEER’s technical SEO team […]

Why Buzzstream is an Outreach Swiss Army Knife

Outreach is an essential component of any linkbuilding campaign, but it can also be a super time consuming one. This is especially true if you approach outreach and linkbuilding as relationship building. So as someone who spends a lot of time on outreach campaigns, I’m a fan of anything that help me be more efficient or […]

Launching An Infographic: 7 Steps To Success

Wouldn’t it be great if creating an infographic was an easy as waving a magic wand at your computer screen? Of course it would. Unfortunately, that’s not the case (although, I know you’re imagining it right now). But do not fret! Here at SEER, we have compiled a few helpful tips and techniques that will […]