Thinking Logically about Search, Social, Links and Engaging Your Audience

This post is an English translation of an interview I gave to Анастасия Матвеева (Anastasia Matveeva), Editor of The original Russian version is here. In my responses in both interviews I cover future trends in search, linkbuilding vs. social, Google penalties, budget and resource limitations, and some advice to people considering a move to SEO […]

Leveraging Superbowl XLVIII for PPC

If you are like me, you spent this past Superbowl Sunday scrolling through Twitter, following certain brands, and watching them engage with their fans (namely JCPenney drunk tweeting the game). Leveraging real-time events for marketing purposes on social networks is no new phenomenon (remember the Oreo blackout?) But what about search? I couldn’t have been the only […]

Robots, Humans, and Using Basic UX Principles For Content Strategy Development

Google’s purchase of the London based artificial intelligence startup DeepMind created plenty of headlines earlier this week. And the majority of the initial reporting revolved around speculation of Google’s plans to dominate a robotic future, (including more than one reference to Terminator’s Skynet.) Image credit: However, a few days after the headlines more in depth […]

Taking the Reigns: My First 4 Months as President of SEER

In the past 4 months, I’ve learned more about SEER, about our team, and about myself than I may have in my nearly 7 year tenure here. Okay, that may not be entirely true, but it’s certainly been a whirlwind of a learning experience to say the least. But how can someone who’s been with […]

Lil’ Help? Time For SEER to Get an Executive Hand Up!

An attribute I really like in the people that I work with is having the ability and drive to do a legit self-assessment. Nothing is better than working with someone who knows that they have strengths and weaknesses, and are aware of both. To me, the best people teach others about their strengths and remind […]

PPC Landing Pages: Sometimes Less Is More

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to quantity. As a certain group of hilarious phone-peddling kids would tell you, more is better. Image Source This makes sense. More of something (well, something good anyway) is better than less of that thing. However, as a certain insurance-mongering lizard tells me on my […]

Plugging Holes in Your Site: Reclaiming Lost Value

Throughout the life cycle of a growing company, you’re undoubtedly going to go through a few site migrations and redesigns.  As technologies change or you have more capital to invest on a customized design, you’ll want to update and upgrade your website with the latest and greatest.  Unfortunately, this can often lead to issues with […]

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