Link Building Guide: When You Have No Links

Link building. The majority of the strategies below are cleanup strategies that will last for only a few months, but then you’ll be back to the drawing board. Coming up with an evergreen asset that can continue to build links and provide value (and revenue) in the long run should be your goal. That being […]

Fuel Your Content Marketing With PPC Placements

At this point, it’s not really a secret that a content-focused digital strategy is essential. I’m not talking “you must write 300 blog posts a month” type of content. That’s old school. You need to craft content that your audience will consume, and better yet, distribute. However, this begs the question that you already know […]

7 Gamification Elements You Should Apply To Your Corporate Blog

Kevin Werbach, a leading expert on the legal, business, and public policy aspects of the Network Age, defines Gamification as the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems. It is more than just points, badges, and leaderboards. The principles of gamification can be applied to just about any situation where understanding […]

Inside SEER: Putting the Kibosh on Copyright Infringement

Our Inside SEER series cracks open SEER’s internal resource archives to share our best practices with others.The latest post in this SEERies shares our team’s insights on the issue of copyright infringement. You’ll discover what tools you can use to protect yourself against plagiarized copy and what channels to go through to help restore your rankings and […]

Decluttering The Content Strategy Conversation

Why? Last week at South By Southwest, Kristina Halvorson was talking about the challenges that B2B marketers claim to face when it comes to content marketing. Halvorson was mid-way through her presentation titled, Go home marketing, you are drunk, and she was specifically referencing data similar to the second and third data points presented below, when she popped the […]

PPC Work Hacks: Quickly Analyze AdWords GDN Placements

First thing first, HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY! Now let’s grab a green pint and dive into some placement reports. Cheers! Placement Analysis Performing regularly scheduled Placement Analyses is essential to maintaining a successful content campaign. It is through these analyses that one can determine how individual websites are performing on the display network. We can […]

The February 2014 Google Analytics Recap

Here’s your summary of what happened over at Google Analytics in February, and why it should matter to you. Zillow uses Google Analytics Premium to make data-driven decisions Monday, February 10, 2014 The gist: Zillow, a mobile-focused real estate company founded in 2005, made the switch to Google Analytics Premium and reaped huge rewards.This case […]

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