• john himmelein

    great information!

  • Nicole Lipkin

    Awesome tips! Thanks Nico!

  • livingseolife

    Thanks for Boomerang for Gmail, very helpful.

  • Nico Miceli

    Glad I could help!

  • SEO man

    Could you please check whether ″Guest Post” OR “write for us” bookmarklet still works? I’ve tried it and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve tried re-editing ” and ‘ as well. Thanks

  • Nico Miceli

    SEO Man -
    It looks like it works but try this one:

    javascript:location.href=’’+document.domain.replace(‘www.’,”)+’ “guest+post”+OR+”guest+author”+OR+”write+for+us”+OR+”guest+contributor”+OR+”guest+writer”‘;

    I just tried it in chrome and it worked. Let me know if you have any other issues with it.


  • SEO Man

    Hey Nico, thanks for your response. Ok, I’ve just spent the last 30min trying to figure out what happened. Apparently, if I were to remove document.domain.replace property from the string, it would start to load Google with: search: (and the rest of the query, without replacing the domain name) So, I figured that the problem was with: document.domain.replace(‘www.’,”) – the last 2 single quotation marks, right before the closing bracket, become one symbol (quotation mark) once the string is copied into .txt file. So, basically, document.domain… should end with: ‘ ‘) – 2 separate single quotation marks with no space between them (I’ve put a space here on purpose, otherwise they would look like ”)… Must have happened due to fonts format which you use in this post. But, I’m glad I’ve figured this one out :) P.S. Once again, good post!

  • Probiotix

    That’s great advice SEO Man. Thanks for spotting the error as I couldn’t make the bookmarklet work either.

    Great thanks to Nico too for a great post!

  • Nico Miceli

    Thanks for catching that SEOMan! I think the font did combine them or something like that. I made a bookmarklet generator in Excel and it kept combining quotes and apostrophes.

    I then used Google Spreadsheets to try and make the generator and it worked. Here’s a screen shot of it

    Let me know if you guys still have any trouble with it.