• Cody Baird

    Nice post. Thanks for the Google Doc. Every blog that I actively read has participants screaming about double digits. I have clients that the (not provided) data represents 34% – 45% of search queries after excluding non branded search terms.

  • tamara meier

    Nifty data aggregation document – thanks for posting it up. “Not Provided” is now the No. 1 non-paid so-called keyword for our largest client, an eCommerce site! We saw a few blips prior to Nov. 1st, but since Nov. 1st, it’s completely taken over. Clearly, it wreaks havoc with feedback for SEO efforts. Have you heard anything about a possible rollback or analytics reporting change which will revert the change?

  • Joseph Chambers

    It says: Invalid Number and I put in the GA code correctly?

  • Chris Le

    @tamara meier: No I have not heard anything about pulling back. Rach thought she noticed Google pull back a but a few days after near Nov 3 or 4. When we looked at all the clients together we confirmed what she thought was true. But after that it kind-of levels off. Other than that.. i don’t know of any rollback. Loss of referrer data from HTTPS to HTTP is beyond Google’s control (it’s built into the Internet itself) so even if it was a visit from some other HTTPS site, you would see (not provided). The only thing they can do is turn off secure search.

  • Chris Le

    Make sure you’re putting in your profile ID. It does NOT look like this: UA-123456-123. It looks more like this: 39476295. Make sure you’re using the new GA user interface then follow the steps carefully to make sure you’re copying the right number.

  • Sean Dawes

    You guys lock this? Not allowing me to make a copy and play with it.


  • Chris Le

    Just double checked this. You need to be logged into a Google account in order to click on make a copy then play with it. Are you seeing that?

  • Steffen Daleng

    Well done.. thanks for the doc :)

  • Barry

    So,I filled in the unique login for the analytics profile, and filled in the analytics ID in the yellow box. In the yellow box to the right, what do I put in there? Another analytics profile ID?
    If so, do I put the second profile email address and password right below the first one in the settings tab?

  • Jitendra Vaswani

    thnxx for doc