• Scott Bowler

    I don’t think there’s too much to worry about here – if it has a negative impact on PPC advertisers, it also has a negative impact on Google’s revenue stream.

  • Adam

    Google definitely will keep that in mind, but when they start ppc in google suggest results, it could have a major impact on visibility. Check the picture below or search for “pontiac g8 gxp” and you’ll see an ad.

  • joanne hart

    Great post Adam!

    Here is Google’s official announcement about sponsored links and other fun things happening in the suggestion box:

  • Jes Carney

    Excellent post!

    I am a little late in commenting, but I have actually seen this possibly impacting a client’s traffic. Once a hyperlink to their homepage popped up in Google Suggest, their traffic started to dip. And I thought of this post.
    Any ideas on how to track this? Is Google the referring site – it can’t be associated with a search term, can it?

    Thanks again for the post and insight!