• Joseph

    Just curious, how you would create a channel for product search sites. For instance to have together people coming from price grabber and google merchant.

  • Michelle Noonan

    Hi Joseph! Like most of these, it would depend on how you’re tagging the feed to these sites. In the past we’ve tagged these feeds with ?utm_source=pricegrabber&utm_medium=cse&utm_medium=product-category So the custom channel in that case would likely be “Medium exactly matches cse”

  • Josef


    I was experimenting a lot with these recently and few comments to add
    1) With Auto-tagging enabled there is no way to differentiate product search from paid text search, campaign for product search must be named differently
    Solution: channel should be defined based on campaign name (nothing else works)

    2) When renaming medium for referral traffic in view(profile) filter to something else channel grouping is still thinking this is referral
    Solution: raised this as a bug to Google, no response yet

    I am uncertain if channel grouping runs before filters are applied or after. My perception is it is very unreliable when trying to get a bit more out of it.

  • Kristen

    I have created a new custom channel grouping. However, it’s been over 24 hours and I’m not able to use that custom channel to divvy up my traffic. It’s set to the default channel grouping without the option to use my custom channel grouping. Not sure how to access it. I can see it and I can edit it, but not sure how to implement it. My goal is to see 5 channels – social, direct, paid, referral and organic – which is what I added in my custom settings for my monthly reporting to management.

  • Joseph

    This feature is really buggy, while experimenting even more with it. For instance try to delete all channels except direct. I would expect to see only Direct and Other, well guess what, you see Direct, Other and small fraction of all other channels.

  • Joseph

    This is another bug, it does not matter how you name it, it will be still visible as default in the report. Keep in mind it will change the data only going forward.

    BTW, did you modify “Channel Grouping” in the view setting and not the “Custom Channel Grouping” in the shared resources!!!

  • Rahul Kharnokhya

    Hey, that’s nice to see detailed analysis on custom channel grouping. My query is that if I want to add some referral traffic into organic, what is the process? Should I use _addOrganic method in the code to track different search engine traffic like, etc or just add these in Default Channel Grouping in the “Organic Search” as Source | Matches regex | Search

  • Juan K

    Hi, I just created the custom channel grouping and its great! now my question can I add this custom channel grouping in a custom report?? Does not seem to have an option on the drill-down for custom channel grouping.