• Mark Kennedy

    Great post, Napoleon. You did a good job of explaining things. It’s a smart strategy and a good example of thinking outside the box. And who knows, maybe a free sample or two could help convince some to link to you as well.

  • Zander Chance

    Great post Napoleon. If you’re not a SEOmoz subscriber, is there another way to do this? Sounds like a great tactic to use, but an SEOmoz sub just isn’t in the cards for me right now. Thanks!

  • todd

    this is horrible advice. there’s also a much better solution for taking advantage of competitor’s 404 pages and that is to BUILD MORE LINKS TO THEM. increased exposure on these pages will hurt your competition. that goes for other “mistakes” competitors make as well.

    no one cares if a link they are trying to access goes to a broken page and contacting blogs/sites to ask nicely if they will update their links…with yours is just plain stupid and a waste of time.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    @Todd Hey, thanks for taking the time to read the post and thanks for the comment. I agree with you, there are multiple ways that we can capitalize on a competitor’s missteps. This way is one that works for me. I am also an advocate of making the web a better place, so even if the blogger/webmaster corrects the link and does not want to link back over to my site, the reader of the post now has a more pleasant web experience.

    @Mark GREAT addition! Our past experiences have shown that bloggers respond a lot better to giveaways then just a plain email.

    @Zander I don’t have an alternative to the top pages tool, but I do have an alternative to OpenSiteExplorer. I would go with the Yahoo Site Explorer for the second portion.

    @Nuttakom Good call! In the example above, if I had an article speaking about different recipes using my coconut water, it would be a lot easier sell. Thanks for commenting!

  • David Ostendarp

    Napoleon, You have now surpassed Wil as my favorite Seer Blog to read lol…however I am a link builder therefore I may have a slight bias towards your posts (Wil, I still love to read yours tho!). I really appreciate the advice, as a starting point I always go after sites that DO link to my competitors, but I never thought about going after the ones that have broken links. Do you have an idea of how often this has worked for you (like a %)? And do you only go after blogs with broken links or do you attack sites of all kinds?

  • Napoleon

    Wow! That is great to hear, David. I am pretty flattered. Especially since I get a lot of my inspiration from reading Wil’s posts:) I do not have the conversion data of this technique, however. It is something new that I have just started using, but I may be able to write a post a few months down the line with more information on that. I think you just inspired a blog post for me. I would apply this technique to any and every type of website that has links, such as directories or news/informational sites. This can also work very well for your own site to be sure that you are not missing out on any links that you may have already generated. Thanks for following the blog!

  • Jean

    Toppages is no part of opensiteexplorer, something is wrong?

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  • Edwin Dearborn

    This is a pretty simple, straight forward approach to link building. Thanks for the detailed post.