• Tim Staines

    All that great work from the electrician and not even a link from you?? At least not that I saw ;-)

  • dwight

    This is the future of business (local, national and global) great post

  • wil

    @dwight thanks, what makes you say that it is the future? Let me know your thoughts, are you doing stuff like this in your SEO efforts?

    @Tim bustin my chops? I see how it is :)

  • Bill Lutz

    Hi Wil,
    I was just checking out you blog and found myself. Cool. Thank you for the good words. I forget that poeple see me in my Mini.

  • Tim Tracey

    Your successful search for an electrician is becoming more and more typical. Savvy businesses will begin adopting the social media techniques that helped you locate Generation 3 Electric.

    Our local-social word-of-mouth network may interest you. It enables consumers to find those local businesses trusted by their network of friends and neighbors. It allows these businesses to differentiate themselves by leveraging the customer loyalty they’ve earned.

    Plus it’s free to use. Businesses have the opportunity to reward their referring members. These members have the opportunity to designate their favorite charity to receive this reward, so it’s a true win-win.

    Although we’re currently operating in greater Hartford, CT you’re free to check us out. Let me know what you think!

    – - Tim

  • Chris

    Hmm, and I need an electrician in my location near Wil’s former abode …

  • Brad

    I love the use of the dual listing! So easy and effective. Good to see your on game Bill.