• Matthew Umbro

    Hi Megan,

    Great post! I agree that to provide great PPC results you always need to be learning and keeping up with news and trends. We are in such an amazing industry with so much knowledge. We all need to utilize the community to ultimately make us better PPC specialists.

  • Megan Ginecki

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it and share my sentiments. I hope this posts helps newcomers realize that although PPC can seem overwhelming at first, it is definitely manageable especially with our awesome supportive industry.

    Looking forward to hearing you speak at the Search Church in May!



  • Keith Penn

    I hope you still have that Google swag umbrella! I once got a Google-logo’d case of assorted mini-USB chargers and still use one of them all the time.

    Your post seems geared towards beginners, but I’d stress the value to experienced people too, as you allude to in the ominous warning “June 30th is going to be a scary day!” – there must be some experienced person out there who has not yet gotten around to learning about enhanced campaigns, and your point holds true: they’ll learn about it the same way their earlier-adopting colleagues did, which is the same way that beginners have/will – through all the methods written above. So keep that umbrella handy on June 30!