• Jorge Bravo-Pratscher

    Audrey, is this new keyword tool only available in the US? or is it slowly going to be available for everyone? I’m based in the UK. Cheers.

  • tiroir

    It’s not live in Europe yet, but if you set your language settings to English-US you will be able to preview it.

  • Jorge Bravo-Pratscher


  • Christopher Leonard

    Keyword Planner looks simply scrumptious. Thanks for the intro.

  • Rhode Island Web Design

    Keyword research isn’t important just for building your current method. Actually, the keyword planning is the main part of SEO process

  • Cam

    You mention that search volumes in the Keyword Planner tool has increased as the total average incorporates all devices. Unfortunately I’m seeing completely different results! I’m actually seeing about 10% of the total average in the KW Planner tool when compared with the old KW Tool.

  • Alexandra

    I’m seeing the same

  • Mark H

    Same for me.

  • steve

    I didn’t know this before, but with site extensions on your Adwords ads you can give people several options to visit your page, or, just offer a bunch of different ad copy in the form of links that all point to the same place. Do you have sitelinks setup, and actively gaining impressions/clicks in your account? If that sounds tricky, it isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. You can get help by just giving Simon a ring, his number is 888-641-5026.