• Naoleon Suarez

    This was a very interesting article. Thank you for the insight and the inspiration. I work for a company that specializes in technology products and services and I am in the Corporate Sales division. Athough their may be differences between the industries that you named and the one in which I am employed, I found that there are several similarities. One point in particular resonated with me. The portion of the article that I found most interesting was the part when you said “Smart marketers understand that this is the time to increase your marketing efforts…and that doesn’t necessarily mean increase your marketing budget.” I found this interesting because, although we are in a recession and technology budgets have been cut, my clients aren’t stopping their businesses. They are not sending out any less emails or gathering any less data. This information has to be stored somewhere so there will always be a need for storage and new and EFFICIENT ways to do things. My company has gained market share during these economic conditions, not by trying to sell ink/toner to a company for less than the competitor, but for providing a service that can help optimize business processes and increase efficicency. Essentially, I help my clients do more with less.

    In my experience with SEO, I understand fully that clients don’t want to pump more marketing dollars into their campaigns, but rather SMARTER marketing dollars. They want to be sure that they are maximizing the visibility of their site/product/service. It seems that SEER has done an excellent job of identifying clients’ pain points and meeting their needs during this difficult time. So, once again, I thank you for the inciteful blog post and I look forward to using some the inspiration you provided for all of my future endeavors. Cheers!!

  • Naoleon Suarez

    It seems that my post didn’t go through and I didn’t copy or past the comment. Arrrghhh to technology.

    Long story short, I really enjoyed the post and you provided some great insight and inspiration!!

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  • Bonnie Schwartz

    Great Post Dina!! With so much negative stuff being written out there, it is great to read about success stories in tough times. Very interesting post!!

  • dinam

    @Naoleon Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you found the post inciteful. I think the principles can definitely be applied to any business. I agree, it is all about smarter marketing dollars and being more efficient. That’s great that your company has gained during this time. Best of luck in the future as well! Thx!

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  • Donna McCarthy

    Dina, excellent post. Helps to put things in perspective. Not everything out there is doom and gloom. There is a bright spot, you just need to look for it.

  • Michael Rosciolo

    Excellent post! I will also add that in the past few recessions, we have seen AOL and Google emerge as leaders for their time. With a downturn in the market, it provides opportunity for the small guys to gobble up market share and have greater exposure for truly innovative ideas.