• chris le

    Magento is BY FAR head and shoulders above every eCommerce system I have ever used in terms of features. I’m helping one firm integrate Magento to Oracle E-Business Suite. Yeah… i know. I’m crazy.

    Couple things if anyone else runs into it.

    1. Upgrades can sometimes get hairy.
    I’ve had templates break, content go crazy, and a module crash something in the database. Back EVERYTHING up before using the connector automatic upgrade tool.

    2. Lots of code
    It’s based on the Zend framework and has over 6000(!!!) PHP files and over 200 tables. It’s a monster! It can take some getting used to. This includes making themes or writing custom modules.

    3. Developer documentation is spotty.
    Some documentation is great. Other places are sparse. Search the the Magento Wiki if you can’t find it in the documentation section. I haven’t found the forums to be helpful.

    4. Server optimization is critical.
    The code base is large and it can be slow to react on the customer-facing side.

    Check out these posts for tweaking goodness:

  • JoAnne

    Thanks for all the great tips, Chris! Let us know if you come across any other helpful tips or resources and we’ll do the same!

  • Justin

    I might be wrong but i believe Magento will only give low volume stock reports based on product name and not individual SKUs

  • JoAnne

    Thanks for your comment, Justin! I dug into Magento reporting a bit and wanted to share what I found with you.

    “The bestsellers report shows you your products ranked by popularity based on purchase. the most viewed report shows you the products ranked by the total number of times they were viewed by a customer. The products reporting section also gives you a low stock inventory report, which shows you all of your products, their SKU numbers, and the current inventory, listed from lowest to highest quantity.”

    Here is the link this info: