• Lyena Solomon


    I am not sure how often speakers get feedback like yours, but you made my day. :) You applied my presentation perfectly to your own case, drawing conclusions necessary for you to win by standing out as an advertiser.

    The hardest part in this process is to figure out *why* the people care about the specific features. The reasons sometimes defy logic or common sense. But because of that reason, searchers will click and buy and stick around. Your sales people might tell you that it is because the toy is red. Your customer service reps might say it is because the toy is small. Your SEOs might say it is because the picture on the page is just too cute. Collect all their ideas, then test your ads and landing pages. And when you figure out the “why” you will have discovered The Holy Grail – the motivation behind those clicks.

    Thank you for attending my session and for your compliments about the presentation. I am humbled that you not only found the information useful, but took the time to write about it.

  • Megan Ginecki

    Hi Lyena –

    I’m thrilled that you came
    across and enjoyed my blog post. I absolutely loved your presentation,
    especially how it focused on an untouched part of competitive analyses, and wanted
    to share it with other PPCers who didn’t get the chance to attend SMX East.

    I couldn’t agree more with
    the points you mentioned, and I really hope people start to look into personas
    when doing their own competitive research. Doing so for this post and my own clients,
    helped me come up with a ton of great testing ideas, any of which could lead to
    the PPC Holy Grail!

    Thanks so much for reaching


  • Stephanie Beadell

    I really the idea of creating a template to make this a regular practice. I’d add “vocabulary” to the persona-building list. Of course, keyword research will determine a lot of the words used in landing pages and ads, but filler words and adjectives can be persona-driven to increase relevancy.

    (BTW, I’m going to have “My Sharona” stuck in my head all day now.)

  • Megan Ginecki


    Glad to hear you liked the template, it really helped me analyze my client’s competitors in a quick & easy way! I definitely agree with your addition as well :)!

    ( ;) – I got it stuck in my cubemate’s head as well )